Saturday, 7 July 2018

Mother - The face of God

Mother is a gift sent by god

Mother - The face of God

Mother, friend, guide, mentor etc she's the one without whom your present life would not have been so happy and easy. The one who's always besides you, who listens to you, understands you, gives you advice, embraces during tough times and many more qualities which can not be measured.

From the day you were born till the present day she has always thought of your well being. She has sacrificed her dreams and needs just to fulfill your demands without even making you realize this. She never shared her demands or may be you were the one who never noticed or tried to look after her needs. But she stands beside you as strong and firm as a mountain.

The moment she took you in her hands when you stepped in this beautiful world, she was the one who smiled at you, who played with you and called you by different names. She ignored her sleep so that you sleep peacefully, she taught you every step you walked. Still after few years she is left alone to walk through her old age. Sometimes she's even shown the door which gives way to old age homes or other social welfare organizations.

She was the one who hid you in her laps from your father's scolding, who helped you in convincing your father for your new mobile phone, shopping, gadgets, and yes late night parties. She was the one who didn't wake you up in the morning so that your hangover is over. She did all this without knowing the fact that after few years when she would be needing you the most, you would be lost in your own world where she has no place.

She was the one who taught you how to write, speak and walk. She went with you on the first day of your school and stayed there until you reached your classroom. But now you are a grown up person who has gained sooo much knowledge that your mother has become outdated, close minded. Now you can walk without her support but she needs your support and hand.

Its time to pay back to your mother, she needs her child back and she wants someone to listen to her, speak to her, laugh on her jokes. Just hold her hand and give her that trust which she needs from you.