Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Pregnancy - 9 months of courtship with your baby

When I first checked my pregnancy test it was positive, I was so happy to see the result and in that happiness I again did the test to confirm. After waking up my husband with this news, he was very excited. The news spread in the house very quickly and that day I realized how everyone was waiting to hear it.
Discussions were held to decide on the doctor for my next 9 months. I personally wanted a simple and experienced doctor, but as few suggested, we went to this popular doctor, who made me and my husband wait for almost 2 hours, and the check up took not even 2 minutes. We realized continuing with her would be very difficult and the search for new doctor started the very same day. We finalized the one who was known in my friend's family and were more than happy after meeting the doctor. She was very experienced and gave proper time for examination.

As my pregnancy progressed, I was asked to do various things such as eat nutritious food and take proper rest. My doctor suggested to walk and climb stairs till my body allows me. She also suggested for yoga and meditation and believe me it really helped. I used to go to my husband’s office and till the last day my daughter was born I went to the office without fail. All this exercise helped me to recover faster after my baby was born.

People say to eat few things such as coconut and paneer, so that the baby is fair, but we wanted our baby to be healthy and fairness did not matter to us. I was very careful in things I ate, and thankfully my vomiting also stopped after my first trimester. In my whole pregnancy, I did not have much cravings but yes I loved eating out and i did.

The best part of pregnancy which I felt were the ultrasound sessions. On my first session my baby was lying in a relax position like she is sitting in a beach side with her hands behind the head. In my second ultrasound she was folding hands and the doctor said she is wishing good morning. These sessions just gave me more confidence with my pregnancy to go further. By end of 7th month a sense of tiredness came and I became lazy and wanted the baby to come out soon. My patience was getting less day by day.

On 20th August 2018, at 3:30 AM the call came and I was rushed to the hospital.

Few points I would like to share with all the upcoming mothers:

  1. Always visit the doctor when he/she has asked to come
  2. Eat healthy food along with the supplements given by the doctor
  3. Stress is harmful and it really is
  4. Go for morning walks and breathe in fresh air, trust me it helps
  5. Do yoga in open
  6. Do not exceed your body limits in pregnancy
  7. Do not just stay indoors and rest as if you are not well
  8. Join one of your hobbies (I joined piano classes for 2 months)
  9. Read and read more about pregnancy online but don't believe everything blindly
  10. Follow the instructions of people other than the doctor only if they have a logic behind it