Sunday, 8 July 2018

Story of a Girl Child

Story of a Girl Child

When a girl is born to a family different people have different reactions. Some people welcome the fairy with open hands while in some places we still see people don't see the face of the baby girl and within few seconds the smile from the fairy fades away. What was the fault of that small life who was not even aware about the rules of the society. She was not in the position to question anyone, but few are the lucky ones who are given a chance to blossom and spread happiness all around.

A child is the best gift to the parents as he/she gives new meaning to their life. Their life revolves around that small angel who has so many new memories to build. With each passing day the baby comes more closer to her parents, her smile, playful attitude, crying at random time, her baby talks brings satisfaction to the parents. Within months her demands start and she wants to go for morning walk but only with her father and then she would help him in fruits shopping by just giving that naughty smile on selected items. Full day the girl is given exposure to household chores. She will be with her mother when she is cooking, she will look at the maid servant while she's cleaning the house, washing clothes. Poor chap, the training session has already been started.

In the evening baby is eagerly waiting for her best friend "dad" to come from work. As soon as dad enters the house, there is entirely a different smile on her face - that's the indication to her father that LETS PLAY. This is the time to capture when father is stretching her hands and legs, throwing her in the air, giving her different swings. The baby will never cry or will never be tensed because she knows that she's in safe hands.

Its been a year now, baby has got "n" number of names and now she responds to people who are close to her. Discussions have started regarding her first important occasion that is her first birthday. The day is full of new themes, guests, food, games, colorful decoration and beautiful shaped cake and definitely such moments needs to be captured.