Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Indoor Play Areas are becoming popular among Kids

As per Albert Einstein "Play is the highest form of research".

Due to the weather conditions, pollution and mosquitoes, many indoor play areas have come up in Delhi for young children. Earlier I use to see such places in the malls only where 1 section was separated for the kids. However, standalone indoor play areas are gaining popularity in Delhi. 

Delhi Indoor Play Areas

Generally these areas operate on an hourly basis, are fully air conditioned and some even have provisions of cafe inside. Parents can enjoy a cup of coffee while their kid is playing. Such areas also have support staff to look after the kids and they are with them all the time. So parents do not have to keep a constant check on their kid. These areas are also used for celebrating the kids birthday’s and the decor can be done as per their theme. Food is also provided in house and one can ask for packages and rates vary area wise.

Some of the play area where I have taken my daughter are:
  1. Teeny town in Punjabi Bagh - It has one of the biggest play area I have ever been. Along with the slides and balls area there were cabins for super market, barber shop and kitchen area. This gave the kids a fair idea of what happens at all these places. There is also a wall which was used for the purpose of rock climbing.
  2. Funderland in Rajouri Garden -  This indoor area has a trampoline and a tree house where kids can play with puzzles and blocks inside. They also have a shopping area where they sold games and books for kids of various ages.
  3. Yaba Yaba Doo in GK1- This place has both indoor and outdoor set up for playing. So if u want the kid to have the experience of open area playing then this is a very good option.
  4. Tumble house in Rajouri Garden and Defence Colony- Along with the play area, this place conducts workshops for kids and the prices includes the play area time
Delhi Indoor Play AreasDelhi Indoor Play Areas

Advantages these places offers:

  • The kid plays with other kids of different age groups and the habit of playing together is developed
  • Motor and Sensory skills are developed by doing different activities
  • Parents can interact with each other and share knowledge
You can mention your favourite indoor play zones for kids in the comment box.