Saturday, 15 September 2018

Initial Hitches After a Baby is Born

Post delivering, my daughter caught up with some general issues which I would like to share in this article. These are very common issues and can be taken care of by following your doctor's advice.

Initial Hitches After a Baby is Born

New Born Jaundice

In most of the cases, a new born gets mild jaundice within hours of their birth. It is normally yellowing of baby's skin and eyes. It is nothing to worry upon. If the level is not too high then the baby is allowed to go home and precautions can be taken place at the house. But if the level is high then the baby is kept under special light in the hospital and this process is called Phototherapy.

In case of mild jaundice it gets worse in 3-4 days after birth but usually disappears within 1-2 weeks on its own once the baby begins to take feed in a normal routine. Nowadays doctors do not suggest exposure to sunlight as its harmful. When my baby got mild jaundice I used to take her out in early morning and partially exposed her skin to sun by covering her face. Other precautions that one can take are as below:
  1. Proper nutrition should be given to the baby. Milk should be given on regular basis and as per the schedule time
  2. Avoid using yellow lights in your room and keep the baby under white lights indoor
  3. Regular follow up with the doctors should be done to check the levels of jaundice
If the levels are still high then the doctors keep the baby in the special light treatment and examination is done in the hospital itself.

Baby Vomitted after Feed

Due to certain hormonal changes in my body I could not give my feed to the baby after 3 months of her birth. My baby was also on top feed (powder milk) from day one as my feed was not enough. She used to vomit a lot of milk after finishing irrespective if it was my feed or top feed. Sometimes it seemed that her whole intake had come out. 

I was very tensed and visited 3-4 doctors in all possible areas in Delhi and all said it will continue for 6 months and after that it will be cured. Some even suggested to hold the head of the baby little high after her milk intake. There were times when i used to keep my baby on my shoulder for 45 mins after her feed but that also did not help much. Once  my daughter turned 6 months and I gradually introduced solids in her diet, she got better and did not spit any milk after that. There is nothing to worry till the time doctors don't ask to. We have to be patient enough to deal with it. 

Hope this article helps the upcoming mothers and do share your experience as well if you faced any such initial hitches with your new born.