Sunday, 16 June 2019

Brace Your Health This Monsoon

Some people may like the rainy season, for it brings relief from the sweltering heat that we all have to anguish in the months of May and June. However, in the last few years, I have seen numerous people not being a fan of this season. Heavy rainfall in our city brings adverse consequences in the form of long traffic snarls, water-logging issues and acceleration in the growth of water-borne diseases. Stomach issues, such as sluggish digestion and bloating, are common during this season and can be controlled by taking few easy measures.
Brace Your Health This Monsoon

Increase the Intake of Fibre

Include high-fibre meals in your diet to stimulate digestion. Corn kernels or corn flour is an excellent source of soluble and insoluble fibre that can be easily found during this season. Broccoli, carrots and berries are other sources of rich fibre.

Say NO to Fried Foods

One should stick to easy to digest foods and avoid fried foods. One can also switch to foods with low water content such as Besan to avoid water retention.

Try to Increase your Immunity

Rainy season is the idle time when our bodies become susceptible to diseases as infections are at an all time high and the immunity quite low. The level of sickness will depend on how strong your immunity is. Include foods like garlic, onion and ginger wherever possible. In addition, you can also include curd which helps to keep the stomach cool and aids in digestion.

Other Key Food Products

While Bitter Gourd is not cherished by everyone, I would recommend to include it your diet, just if it means benefiting your health system. For its blood purifying properties helps in keeping the infections at bay, it also stimulates the secretion of gastric juices and keeps the digestion running.

Similarly, consumption of raw mangoes reduces monsoon induced lethargy in body. It also helps in preventing gastro-intestine disorders like constipation. Further, substitute normal tea or coffee with green tea that has antioxidants to aid the body's metabolism.

Indoor Exercises

If you are unable to do outdoor exercise then try to look for alternate indoor exercising options such as rope skipping, stretching and squats. Even 20-30 minute indoor workouts can be useful in keeping the digestion humming.

All in all, I have listed few measures that can help cope with the common issue people face during the monsoons. Hope everyone stays healthy during this tricky season.