Saturday, 13 July 2019

Oral Hygiene for Toddlers

Parents are often in a dilemma when it comes to maintaining oral hygiene in toddlers. Some parents believe toddlers are too young for oral hygiene and do not pay much attention to it, while some understand the importance of dental care but have insufficient knowledge. For me, identifying the right time and method of cleaning a child's teeth is of paramount importance. After all, imbibing best practices helps set good dental habits as the child grows.
Oral Hygiene for Toddlers

Some of key measures parents can adopt are as below:
  • Dentists propagate the fact that oral hygiene in a baby begins even before his first teeth has come. Gums are the vital part of our body which lays strong foundation for the teeth. Hence, it becomes essential to clean the gums once the child takes the feed. Parents can use a clean cotton cloth to wipe the gums.
  • As the baby grows and the teeth start appearing, parents can use brushes specially designed for children upto 1-1.5 years. These are called finger brushes, which not only cleans the teeth easily but also prevents the parent's finger from getting bitten by the child.
  • Once the child passes 2 years, parents can start using edible toothpaste for kids. For my daughter Shravya, I have been using Cheerio Gel and till now I am quite satisfied with this product. The quantity of the toothpaste increases with the age of the kid.
  • Avoid giving sugary foods at night as they foster a lot of bacteria which may lead to tooth decay, and ensure the child's mouth is cleaned twice a day. In addition, do not forget to clean the tongue.
  • By age of 2.5-3 years, start training your child to properly brush their teeth. I usually brush my teeth in front of my Shravya as children imitate the habits of their parents and become self-reliant. Some children may resist but parents should become creative and try to make it a fun and enjoyable activity. Also, supervise your child when they are brushing so that they develop the right technique.
  • Whenever you take your child for vaccination, always ask the pediatrician to check the baby's gums and teeth. This will establish a good habit of regular dental checkups.
All these steps can help in maintaining oral hygiene in your kids and keep your child's smile cute and beautiful.