Sunday, 17 November 2019

Few Measures to Protect Your Finances During Inflation

One does not have to be a financial nerd to understand Inflation. It is the increase in the average prices of goods & services in a country. In simple words, a litre of full cream milk in Delhi used to cost Rs 24 in 2009 and, as of now in 2019, it has increased to Rs 53. The cost has more than doubled in the last 10 years. Its not necessary that other goods & services have increased at the same pace. In October 2019, the retail inflation stood at 4.62% vis-a-vis 3.38% in October 2018. Thus, one should regularly review their finances to make sure the real return (post tax) from your savings is either equivalent or more than Inflation otherwise you are losing the purchasing power of Rupee.

                                             (source: OER Commons)

Saturday, 9 November 2019

Kidzania - The Place to Learn & Play

In August 2019, my daughter Shravya turned 3 and this time we decided to take her to Kidzania in Noida. I had heard of this place earlier and knew that role plays and activities are performed in a realistic manner here but I wanted Shravya to be old enough (3+) to understand it. The place is a perfect mixture of education and entertainment and gives a nice overview of living in a real world. Location is just adjacent to GIP Mall and Worlds of Wonder park, and try to plan it on a weekday to avoid the rush and enjoying this indoor park at your own pace.

Kidzania - The Place to Learn & Play