Friday, 20 December 2019

Delhi Nursery Admissions

As the year comes to an end, another popular topic trending in Delhi is Nursery Admissions. Gone are the days when you could walk into your favourite school and seek admission for your child. With the increasing population, the nursery admission has become even more difficult in Delhi. I am in the process of filing forms for my daughter Shravya and even after filling 20-25 schools, I am still not sure where she will start her educational journey. The last day to submit forms both online and offline is 27 December 2019.

Delhi Nursery Admissions

Parameters Considered by Schools

Nowadays schools allocate points to every child based on several parameters. These parameters are usually common across the schools and may not vary significantly.
  • Distance: Maximum points are allocated on the basis of distance of the house from the respective school. Some schools give maximum points to children residing within 6 km, while some keep it at 8 km.
  • Alumni: If any of the parent is the alumni of the respective school, additional points are allocated to the child. This goes without saying that the parent should have to complete maximum classes in school rather than just finishing 11th or 12th.
  • Sibling: Schools also award points if the child's sibling is already studying in the respective school.
  • First Born Child: If the child is the first born of the parents, then some schools are allocating points on this parameter too.
  • Girl Child: To promote and encourage education among girls, schools have started awarding additional points to girl child.

Common Documents to Keep Handy

Besides filling the form, parents are also required to submit supporting documents pertaining to date of birth of child, residential address or first born. Without submitting these documents the schools are not accepting the forms, so its better to keep several copies of key documents listed as below:
  • Birth Certificate issued by the MCD bearing the name of the child 
  • Aadhaar card of any of the parent. For the child it is not mandatory but I suggest to have it
  • Any other document for residential proof such as passport or voter id
  • Affidavit confirming the first born child, usually notary attested on Rs 10 stamp paper
  • Medical certificate confirming the health of the child

Can the forms be filled and submitted online?

Well we live in a digital world but I still found many schools where forms could be downloaded online, but have to be submitted physically at school. A small fee of Rs 25 is paid during submission. Schools such as Shri Ram Global, Bhatnagar International, Mount Carmel and Manav Sthali were accepting forms online. Documents can be scanned as per required format and if the child gets selected, then original documents are to be presented for verification. 

There were schools such as Springdales, Hansraj Model, Salwan and Bal Bharati (Pusa Road) where forms can be filled online, however, the hard copy has to be submitted at the school premises that too on the working days only. Government has given ample time (1 month) to parents to submit the forms and one should not delay it for the last week. My advise is to fill as many schools as possible as the number of children applying each year keeps on increasing and there are limited seats.