Saturday, 28 March 2020

Activities to do with Toddlers During Lockdown

Animal Toys Bathing Activity

It was a fun filled water activity which Shravya enjoyed a lot today. Well water activities are her all time favourite. You guys will see us more on social media due to the quarantine days ahead.
I asked Shravya to clean all the wild animals and in today’s time teaching kids the importance of hygiene is needed. So i gave her two bowls one with soap water and one clean water. I had mixed up all the animals in a tray and asked her to pick only wild animals from the lot. So in this way I taught her two concepts altogether.
Activities With Toddlers

Sunday, 15 March 2020

My Sri Lankan Diaries - Part 1

During my childhood, Sri Lanka was largely connected to our ancient mythology Ramayana, where Lord Rama went to kill Ravana. As I grew into my teens, the perception was changed to beautiful beaches, amazing resorts and delicious coconut water. But Sri Lanka offers so much more than what I knew during my adolescent and I am glad to choose this destination for my early 2020 vacation.
Nine Arch Bridge