Saturday, 28 March 2020

Activities to do with Toddlers During Lockdown

Animal Toys Bathing Activity

It was a fun filled water activity which Shravya enjoyed a lot today. Well water activities are her all time favourite. You guys will see us more on social media due to the quarantine days ahead.
I asked Shravya to clean all the wild animals and in today’s time teaching kids the importance of hygiene is needed. So i gave her two bowls one with soap water and one clean water. I had mixed up all the animals in a tray and asked her to pick only wild animals from the lot. So in this way I taught her two concepts altogether.
Activities With Toddlers

Well u can see from the pictures how she enjoyed washing them with the brush. She was occupied for good 30-40 mins which gave me my me time and I could catch up with a book 📖!!!!

This activity helps in sensory development and motor skill development, creativity, teaches her the concept of cleanliness, muscle development.

How are you my fellow mothers keeping your toddlers share your ideas so that we can also do some more!

Thermocol Activity

I took thermocol (got it from the box of a home appliance which we bought recently) and some board pins. I drew few shapes, curved lines on the thermocol and asked Shravya to put the board pins on the boundary of the objects drawn...
This activity helps in building eye hand coordination, motor skills development, builds concentration...
To note: my daughter is 3.5 years old and she was under adult supervision while using the pins, request you all to do the same.
Activities to do with Toddlers During Lockdown

Match the Objects

I drew different objects on an A4 sheet. Shravya was asked to match the real objects with the ones drawn on it!!!!and she did it all by herself and completely enjoyed it

This activity helps the toddlers in identification of similar objects and also inculcates using their imagination.
Activities to do with Toddlers During Lockdown

Fishing Activity

A new addition to our toyland...the fishing has a fishing rod and water animals which have magnets attached to its easy for the kid to do fishing.
To make it look interesting and realistic i placed all the animals in a bucket with little can teach the concept of floating with this...i asked little S to take out the animals one by one with the rod...adding to this activity i asked the name and color of the animals she was taking out.
This activity is helping in building motor skills...eye hand coordination...builds concentration...multiple concepts can be taught in fishing activity
Activities to do with Toddlers During Lockdown