Sunday, 19 April 2020

Time Capsule - COVID-19

We are living in unprecedented times at the moment and the uncertainty over the elimination of Covid-19 still looms at large. Lockdown 2.0 was initiated by our honorable PM last week and the overall lockdown period has been extended to 40 days. This prompted me to prepare a generic Time Capsule that everyone can use and to preserve their key moments. Even in this darkest hour, I am sure we have managed to create some moments with our family that we would like to cherish in future.
Time Capsule of COVID-19

This time capsule has been divided in to several sections as below - 
  • Some newspaper clippings during this period
  • Capture photographs of your special lockdown moments
  • This was also the time to pursue the hobbies which were lost in our busy schedule
  • Any artwork that you created in this period
  • Some of the things you are really thankful for and some things that you are really excited to do once this is over
  • There may have been special occasions, such as birthday and anniversary. How did you celebrate this special day at home
  • What were the key things that kept you busy in this time
  • Lastly, how did you manage to social distance with others

The link to download this file is as below and share it with your loved ones.