Sunday, 24 January 2021

Managing Work From Home with Kids

Covid-19 changed the working style of countless of employees. Many of us had the provision to work from home but for some it was altogether a new concept. Working from home offers us flexibility but for those who had never acclimatized to this style of working may find it challenging. On top of that, the equation changes for those who have toddlers or young kids as one has to deal with constant interruptions and distractions. Schools were shut, online classes started, so not only we had to sit with our little ones during their classes but simultaneously do our own work as well. I am sure many of us would have faced difficulties in doing so. In addition, the added stress from the pandemic has only made things worse. So here I am writing this article that can help to adapt  work from home culture with kids around and eliminate professional risks associated with it.

Managing Work from Home with Kids