Sunday, 3 October 2021

Trip to Museum of Illusions

As the pandemic has started easing and more things have started opening up in Delhi, I was looking for a fun and quirky place to take my 5 year old daughter. I have taken her to a number of play areas but this time I was looking for something different and luckily came across Museum of Illusions (there has been a social media frenzy of this place where people have been posting fascinating pictures).

Based in the heart of Delhi that is CP, this place offers a large number of exhibits or tricks and plays our mind through the art of deception. A first of its kind in India, this chain of museums is a popular education and entertainment place worldwide which is suitable for people of all age groups.

Museum of Illusions

Whether one is looking for a family excursion, an unique adventure or having fun with your friends, one should definitely visit Museum of Illusions. It caters to all age groups and broadens your knowledge and imagination of how the mind functions when witnessing an illusion. Similar to magic tricks, not only one enjoys the quirky illusions but its also fun to unravel the mechanics behind every exhibit. Maths and Science loving people will surely love the place a tad more than others.

Some of the Illusions my daughter enjoyed the most are below:

  • House of Cards with your Clones: Imagine you are sitting with a deck of cards in your ends and the other players none others than your own clones, how will you feel. While from the outset it looks one is sitting on a circular table with your duplicates surrounding you, in reality its the positioning of the mirrors which deceives your mind.
Museum of Illusions

  • Head on the Plate: The image below is representing that your head is being served on a platter while at the same time hiding your body behind the mirrors and giving us the illusion that the head is chopped out of the body.
Head on Plate

  • Honey I Shrunk the Kids: This room makes you nostalgic about the famous Hollywood movie Honey I Shrunk the Kids. Go and experience this exhibit and check how well the illusion has been crafted.
Museum of Illusions

  • Bade Mia Chote Mia: Again its the design of the room which is causing the illusion that one person is appearing taller than the other. Something my daughter will cherish in the future where there was an instance where she was taller than her father.
Museum of Illusions

  • Hanging Above the Door: This room gives you a mind bending illusion that you are hanging from top of the door. Very meticulously designed and the positioning of mirror will make everyone feel the illusion is actually happening.
Museum of Illusions

Overall you get an hour to see the entire museum once you purchase the ticket. Definitely worth a visit and your little ones are sure going to have a blast. More details on the museum below.

Address: Block A, Adjacent to Wengers or Keventers, Connaught Place

Tickets Price: Adult Rs 650 (Mon to Fri and Rs 40 extra on weekends), Child Rs 520 (Mon to Fri and Rs 30 extra on weekends).

Timings: 11 AM to 8 PM